Water and Gas Pipeline Location Services

Civil Pipeline Pre-commissioning Hydrostatic Testing

pipeline-300x189We specialise in leakage investigation of pipelines during the hydrostatic testing stage of pipeline pre-commissioning. Our experience and range of technologies enables us to offer a solution adapted to the unique site conditions of the project in a rapid response time.

We’re often called in when other methods have failed. Some of our recent projects are listed below. For further information on any other of our completed projects, please contact our office on: 0421 624 794. We are happy to discuss your project and design a system best suited to locate your leakage problems at the lowest possible cost with the minimum disruption to your site. We offer prompt service to any area.

Some of our completed projects:

Water grid pipeline: In 2008, Leaktech Australia (the parent group of 123Locateit) was chosen by the Queensland government’s Pipeline alliance to check hundreds of kilometres of infrastructure pipeline for leaks prior to commissioning.

Townsville: 13 km rising main in welded plastic beside busy airport in a thriving industrial area. Work was carried out between midnight and dawn to minimise noise problems.

Mackay: 3.4 km blue brut reticulation main through new housing estate under road and concrete footpaths. 23 leaks located over 2 days using our unique systems. All accurate locations and no ‘dry holes’. The new contractor had been left to complete construction after the original contractor had failed.

Yeppoon: 60 km new ductile 450mm water trunk main. Six minor leaks located along length. Difficult conditions due to busy road alongside.

Emerald: 4.5 km large diameter trunk main . Two major leaks located in difficult conditions in a very noisy area.

Roma: low pressure natural gas reticulation throughout new housing development. Many minor leaks on welded plastic joints. Tested at very low pressure using our unique system designed for gas leaks.

Moonie: 150 km crude oil pipeline. Checking for leakage prior to decomissioning pump out. Our unique system proved invaluable on this project as we needed to ensure minimal disruption to agrictural land.

Oakey: 36 km 300 mm ductile rising sewer main. All leaks located.

Toowoomba: 24 km rising sewer main – 300mm and 375mm in parallel ductile pipes. Several leaks due to damage caused after pipes were laid. All leak located accurately during several visits using correlation methods. This was a difficult job as it was beside a busy road and a coal trainline ran close by.

Sunshine Coast: 2 km fire main through large shopping centre car park. Located all pipes using our ground penetrating radar and slab scanning tecnologies. From there we were able tolocate several leaks.

Gold Coast: 3.6 km old fire main throughout large shopping centre. Combination of ductile and plast pipe. Located all pipes using our ground penetrating radar and slab scanning technologies to then locate several leaks.

Evans Head: new sewer main through low lying land with very minor leakage preventing sign-off. Located problems accurately and within 24 hours of receiving call.

For more information on our leakage investigation services, please call Leaktech on 0421 624 794 or request a booking using the button below.