Ground Penetrating Radar

Locate cables and pipes in concrete using Concrete Scanning

Ground Penetrating Radar (X-Ray)

1 2 3 Locate It can locate your underground services using our Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR – Structure Scan). We can help locate underground services in many instances where standard radio-detection methods cannot. We can quickly and easily detect buried utility infrastructure.

Ground Penetrating Radar technology can determine the location and depth of:

  • water mains – all types, including asbestos, blue brut
  • pipes – plastic, poly, pvc
  • fire main valves
  • fibre optic cables
  • road crossings
  • rising mains
  • buried manhole covers
  • underground
  • underground tanks and pits

Ground penetrating radar is a non-destructive geo-physical method that uses radar pulses to ‘map’ an image of shallow subsurface features (down to approximately 6 metres). The data collected from the radar sweeping across the surface is collected to construct a view of the subsurface.

Unfortunately, some conditions have a negative impact on GPR performance. High-conductivity (e.g. high moisture content) materials and heterogeneous conditions (e.g. rocky soils) will reduce its performance. For example, whilst dry sandy soils will allow radar penetration to approximately 6 metres, wet clay soils and salt-contaminated soils can reduce the depth to less than 1 metre. Rocky soils can cause radar signal scattering.

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