As business owners, you probably know your above-ground world very well. The offices, gardens, benches and roads.

The world underground though, that’s a mystery. A place of pipes, microbes, root systems, debris, historical artefacts and many other things we’ve never actually seen in person.

Not surprisingly, we forget to pay that world the respect it deserves. However, if you’re not careful as you dig or interfere with the earth, you could find yourself causing very expensive and time-consuming problems for your business.

It’s important to locate underground pipes, cables and other objects at your site before you dig. 123LocateIt are the experts in the field. We are the first business in south east Queensland to be operating in the field and we have the experience, equipment and expertise you need to dig safely.

In the interests of making our world, the world underground a little less unfamiliar, let’s talk today about the different types of plastic pipe you could encounter.

Plastics are made up of polymers (long chains of molecules) that can be combined with other substances to enhance the final material’s properties. There are two main types of plastics, thermoplastics and thermosets.

Thermoplastics have long chains that are only weakly connected. As a result, they melt easily, making them ideal for recycling but not particularly strong.

Thermosets are cross linked thermoplastics that are stronger and able to withstand heat more effectively.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

PVC is a thermoplastic made up of two carbon atoms, one hydrogen atom and one chorine atom. It can be hard or soft and the chlorine is noxious and smelly when PVC is burned.

Polyethylene (PE)

Methylene is made up of one carbon atom joined to two hydrogen atoms. These are chained together into Polyethylene, known for being malleable, but relatively low in strength and hardness.  However, it can be combined with additives to be strengthened and withstand heat and is often used in plastic pipes that carry drinking water.

Both PVC and PE are used in construction. At 123LocateIt, we can help you detect these pipes and take measures to avoid them as you dig. We are also a part of the Leaktech Group, who are specialists in leak detection.

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