CCTV Pipe Inspection Cameras

Sewer – Stormwater – Conduit

cctvOur CCTV pipeline inspection service helps plumbing contractors, house holders, councils and engineers to carry out a range of tasks: inspect pipes for blockages; use in conjunction with pipeline maintenance programs; view internal infrastructure during construction phases, before, during and after; or, prove the integrity of the pipeline. Importantly 1 2 3 Locate It has specialised pipe inspection CCTV equipment capable of tracing the whole length of pipe including depths of the pipe.

CCTV inspections of pipelines and conduits are carried out to determine the condition of that pipeline or conduit or to identify features in that pipeline that may affect its operation. CCTV can provide asset owners with a look inside pipelines that are too small for personnel to enter.

CCTV involves propelling a camera through the pipeline by a camera lens on a rod (Push Camera). Once inside, the camera can capture internal images of the pipeline which can be analysed for faults or features.

Using the camera combined with Sonde technology we can pinpoint the location of a fault, feature or even just a simple alignment of a pipeline (ie. through someone’s backyard). With the alignment located and marked on the ground along with any features (ie. junctions/buried manhole lids etc) or faults (roots/blockages/breakages etc) it assists in deploying the correct course of action to take.

1 2 3 Locate It uses certified technicians providing visual documentation captured in full-colour digital format via email or portable media. Our experienced team works across Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and Queensland and is ready for your call.

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